The Heuristic Games team have designed and run training games for over 20 years,
engaging business, government and academic audiences in unique learning experiences.

Power Trader

Power Trader is the unique one-day workshop that puts you in charge of your own energy company…

Now available for online delivery or face to face format bespoke for each client. Also available on a pay to play basis.

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The aim of the workshop is to run your electricity company in a way that keeps your customers’ lights on, maximises profit and minimises carbon emissions.

You will trade power with other teams over five rounds, simulating both seasonal variations in the system and the longer-term strategic challenge of achieving net zero. This requires you to develop a strategy for growing your portfolio in a competitive market, as well as responding to changing customer demand and policy shifts.

Delivered for hundreds of participants in person over the last ten years, the game is now available as an individual pay-to-play experience or an online workshop with your peers.


Power Trader is perfect for a broad range of audiences. Including individuals from the following organisations:


Energy project and technology developers

Energy consultants

Policy makers or strategists engaged in electricity markets


Masters and PhD students

Research councils

Regulatory organisations

National grid and DNOs

Industry associations

Professional institutions



Transport Planner is a unique one-day workshop that puts you in the shoes of a transport director...


The Game

Who is the game for?

Transport planners: early/mid/late career

Transport policymakers 

Transport research groups

Masters and undergraduate students

Transport technology developers

Transport consultants

Community groups

Anyone with an interest in transport

What are the outcomes?

LEARNING THROUGH DOING: Direct immersion in the complexities of the transport system delivers a hands-on experience unlike any other training

UNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE SCENARIOS: Each team will develop a geographically and historically different city, each taking different decisions and sharing their outcomes, learning from one another

STRENGTHENED TEAM WORKING: Development of communication, negotiation, decision making and conflict resolution skills

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: This bespoke game has been crafted by our experts to create an unforgettable day of learning and fun!


Impact! is the unique one-day workshop that empowers you to get your research to those that most need it…

Now available for online delivery

Energy Game Play

The Game

Who is the game for?

Early career researchers

PhD students

Research consortia


Energy technology developers

Energy research consultants

What are the outcomes?

LEARNING THROUGH DOING: Hands on experience of developing an impact-based approach, building understanding of how to turn research outputs into tangible outcomes

KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO ENGAGE MULTIPLE STAKEHOLDERS: Understand the needs of different actors and how to deliver benefits

STRENGTHENED TEAM WORKING: Development of communication, presentation, decision making and strategic thinking skills

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: This bespoke game has been crafted by our experts to create an unforgettable day of learning and fun!

Why business Games?

Heuristics have been using business games for many different purposes over the last 20 years.

Our Game are Ideal For

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Meet the team

Andy Boston


Andy Boston provides energy consulting services through Red Vector Ltd. Andy has more than 30 years experience in the energy industry starting with the nationalised CEGB, through privatisation firstly with PowerGen and thence E.ON, and finally with the Energy Research Partnership.

Over the past 20 years Andy has designed and run games for events of up to 150 people attended by students, lecturers, new staff, middle managers, strategists, traders, senior staff and board members. As well as organising business games his skills include modelling energy markets, developing decarbonisation scenarios and understanding issues around the integration of renewables on to the grid.

Dr Mike Colechin


Dr Mike Colechin is director of Cultivate Innovation Ltd …working with the organisations and individuals who are delivering innovative, low carbon energy solutions.

Prior to setting up Cultivate, Mike was the Energy Technologies Institute’s Partnership Manager, supporting organisations delivering low carbon energy innovation, informing government policy, and building investor and industry confidence in these new approaches.

Mike is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the transport and energy sectors, with time spent both as a Combustion Engineer and as a member of E.ON’s R&D Management Team.

Clare Sheffield


Clare Sheffield provides advice to policy-makers and the transport industry on evidence-based, analytically driven transport strategy & planning. A social sciences graduate with 20 years experience, she has pioneered creative research and modelling techniques in the transport industry, specialising in road pricing, cycling and behaviour change, and air quality. Clare has delivered seminars at universities across the UK and bespoke training sessions to analysts and planners.

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